Net sales revenues were HUF 21.4 billion, of which export sales amounted to HUF 8.3 billion with an increase by 9% at the end of the year. Net profit of HUF 932 million reached in 2015 means HUF 65 earnings per share. The Board of Directors recommends to the General Meeting the payment of the whole profit as dividend.

Net sales revenue of ANY Security Printing Company PLC for 2015 amounted to HUF 21.4 billion, which is lower only by 6% than in the previous year when the election ballots were printed by the Company. Export sales ensured HUF 8.3 billion revenues by 9% growth, which is 39% of the revenues of the Group. Despite decrease of sales revenues due to the one-off election project, the Company’s EBITDA slightly decreased which amounted to HUF 2278 million. EBITDA margin increased to 10.7%, due to the improving profitability. Net profit was HUF 932 million meaning HUF 65 earnings per share.

The Board of Directors has made a decision on purchase of ANY’s Hungarian real estates that are not owned by the Company. The Printing Company leased its two sites in Budapest and one site in Pásztó, including 72,227 m2 plot and 18,819 m2 building, from HVB Leasing Hamlet Kft., denominated in Euro. Due to changing economic environment the Company’s Board of Directors has made a decision to buy-out the company owning the real estates through a HUF loan at a fixed interest rate and to operate the company as within its own Group. The real estates will be consolidated as ANY Ingatlanhasznosító Kft., therefore ANY Group’s exchange-rate risk will be reduced and due to low-interest Forint loan, its profit will be raised at the same time. As a result of financing the purchase price of EUR 8.1 million on a Forint base, the Company’s profitability will improve by HUF 50 million already in 2016. The transaction will result in an increase of EBITDA margin by 1% in 2016 and also in the following years.

Our potentials are continuously improving in the Central and Eastern European region and in the countries of Africa as well, so we can continue to increase our revenues. At the same time our efficient developments and investments will improve further the profitability. The real estate transaction will increase the Company’s assets by HUF 2.7 billion. The Board of Directors based on the stable financial situation of the Company has decided that the produced profit can be paid as dividend similarly to the last years. Therefore, payment of HUF 65 per share dividend is recommended by the Board of Directors to the General Meeting. The Board of Directors is confident that the similar dividend payment ratio will be maintained also in the future, according to the improving prospects.” – commented Gábor Zsámboki, CEO of ANY Security Printing Company PLC.