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Security forms

Our company personalises Hungarian biometric passports and numerous other documents. Its manufacturing technology makes it possible to produce several billion tax stamps and excise stamps and luncheon vouchers. Its Document Security Laboratory offers a number of custom-developed products from document printers and security inks to paper additives and special verification devices.

ID and bank cards

Our Company has experience in the production of more than 500 million cards for the Hungarian and international market including documentsbank and commercial cards. In addition to contact and contactless card documents—the new Hungarian eID card-, MasterCard and Visa chip cards, it offers a full range of card solutions with its self-developed loyalty system.

Business forms

Our Company produces pre-printed forms for business purposes, invoices, notification letters—from printing through personalisation and enveloping to mailing. Its production technology is characterised by special products such as gaming tickets, election forms and various documents of values—from meal vouchers to stamps.

Leading security printing company in Central and Eastern Europe

As one of the leading security printing companies in the CEE region, ANY Security Printing Company Group consists of nine companies. There are 3 sites in Hungary, 2 in Romania and one each in Slovakia and Moldova. This group of companies is a security and business form producing company with one of the highest revenue. The Company’s shares have been listed on the Budapest Stock Exchange in the premium category since 2005. Its financial situation is characterised by stable and efficient operation. Its development is supported by its innovative products and its organic growth in the Central and Eastern European and African regions. ANY Security Printing Company’s strategy is focused on secure person and product identification and payment-related products. The Company’s activities are characterised by references such as the production of Hungarian electronic ID documents and the personalisation of biometric passports.

The Company supports state administration in document and product protection projects from conceptual planning to production, as it has more decades of experience and references in document issuing. Security printing products and services include different fields, like personal identification – eID, passport, visa-, fight black economy – excise and tax stamps – or ballot printing. Numerous security printing solutions have been developed in its Document Security Laboratory, including security printing inks and paper additives, document printers and special document control devices.

The Company offers a comprehensive service in the field of payment solutions. Besides production of MasterCard and Visa bank cards and personalisation of mobile bank cards, it has almost 20 years of experience in bulk transactional printing, mailing and in the supply of PIN cards.

Besides production of innovative card bodies and creative graphics the Company is ready to produce and personalise contactless cards, plan and execute loyalty programmes. Its complex business form management service includes production, enveloping and mailing of personalised letters, colourful transpromos.

Based on its innovative developments, experience and references, ANY Security Printing Company is ready to securely produce and personalise tickets and passes on security thermal paper, contactless cards and mobile applications.

55.5 billion HUF
sales revenue (2022)
1075 persons
number of employees (2022)
export rate (2022)


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