The Hungarian electronic identity card has been renewed

ANY Security Printing Company delivers documents, security products and solutions from Hungary, through Iceland and Albania, to Israel. Services include items such as identity documents, passports, tax stamps and excise stamps, designed to curb the black market and the illegal production of election forms.

Document Security Portfolio

ANY Security Printing Company has designed its product portfolio, so that it can develop and supply a complete document-issuing process. However, some of its products and services can be sold on a modular basis to the document-issuing authorities, document offices, IT system integrators, security printing houses and paper factories of a specific country.

Developments of the Document Security Laboratory


Inkjet and laser document printing systems

Okmánybiztonsági megoldások

Security features within the paper

Okmánybiztonsági megoldások

UV inks, IR inks and inks with special additives

Okmánybiztonsági megoldások

Mobile and desktop document control equipment

Full range of services regarding the issuing of documents

  • international and Hungarian references in document production

  • machines suitable for ID and passport production and personalisation

  • international certification for Hungarian and international document production

  • the development of unique inks, paper additives and verification devices in the Document Security Laboratory

  • independence from technology and suppliers

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