Loyalty on paper and plastic

Retaining customers may be a more difficult task for a company than the expansion of its customer base. Creating a customer community that is stable in the long run, strengthening brand loyalty and enhancing emotional attachment, can be achieved by consciously building loyalty. ANY Security Printing Company offers a complex solution to devise, launch and operate customer loyalty programmes. Our full service includes all the elements of a system from printing data recording sheets, through electronic processing and archiving of customer data in a central database to the production of plastic cards and sending out loyalty cards by post.

Product portfolio

ANYloyalty customer loyalty system from the cloud

The transaction-based loyalty software developed by our Company is available as a cloud service. The terminal requires only an Internet-capable computer. The interface is available on mobile and tablet PC. Only a bar code scanner or a camera is needed for identification.


Loyalty card on plastic 

Our Company can personalise loyalty cards on plastic or a mobile phone. The available technology allows to produce matte or glossy cards with a special finish or mini cards that can be hung on a key ring.


Personalised forms and coupons

The technical conditions at our Company are given, so that we could produce colourful personalised so-called transpromo mailings based on our customers’ individual needs. We can send out personalised coupons by mail, email or even to mobile phones.


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