Owners of the Company

Ownership structure of ANY Security Printing Company PLC based on 31 December 2023 (adjusted for ownership announcements and own share purchases since then):


ShareholderShare typeOwnership stakeVoting right
EG Capital LLCA15.53%16.02%
Digital Forest LLCA6.89%7.11%
Alfa VIG CsoportA5.04%5.20%
BE-LU S. a.r.l.A3.63%3.74%
Gábor ZsámbokiA0.97%1.00%
ANY Security Printing CompanyA3.03%0.00%

ANY Security Printing Company PLC – equity capital and shares
Equity capital: 1,449,875,700 Hungarian forints

Types of shares:
Series “A” shares: 14,794,650 dematerialized, registered ordinary shares with a par value of HUF 98 each.

The composition of share capital of the Company

Share seriesPar value (HUF/share)Issued numberTotal par value (HUF)
"A" series9814,794,6501,449,875,700
Share capital-14,794,6501,449,875,700

Number of voting rights attached to the shares

Share seriesIssued numberNumber of treasury sharesShares with voting rightsVoting right per shareTotal voting rights
"A" series14,794,650448,84214,345,808114,345,808