Security inks

for offset, intaglio printing, ink jet and laser personalisation

The employees of the Document Security Laboratory have developed and produced a number of special security inks in various colours. The inks listed are part of the basic offer. In addition, we are ready to work out special solutions on the basis of individual agreements.


This is one of the most widely used protective elements, which is easy to verify and provides a high level of protection against photocopying.

These security elements provide a higher level of protection since UV lamps using shorter wavelengths are less common.

Bifluorescent security inks emit fluorescent light of different colours when exposed to UV light of different wavelengths. These inks are easy to verify and difficult to reproduce.

Our unique tri-fluorescent UV security ink provides the same security advantages as our bifluorescent inks, but on a higher level. This UV security ink of ours displays blue/violet/green luminescence under 365/313/254 nm illumination. The quadro fluorescent security ink is an even more sophisticated one. It shows an additional anti-Stokes luminescence compared to our tri-fluorescent ink.

These inks are to be activated with IR irradiation and are able to emit not only green but orange and blue light as well. They are ideal to place hidden information and also lend themselves to usage with mechanical verification systems.

This is a special black ink that shows intensive green fluorescence under the influence of ultraviolet activation of any wave-length. The security ink is absolutely suitable for serial numbering or individual visualisation of logos.

Prints with this ink emit infra-red radiation when irradiated in the near infra-red (IR) range. The prints are not visible to the naked eye or with regular verification equipment. IF 15 ink can be detected with a special verification device developed for this purpose. Our device called ‘RADIR’ reacts with flashlight and sound to the presence of such inks.

Blue/pink/greenish yellow fluorescence in long/medium/short wave UV respectively, plus anti-Stokes and infrared fluorescence. Five fluorescent features in one offset ink. The print made with this ink may give unique protection for documents of high security.
UV security ink
Security ink

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