The Company makes the lives of millions of people easier, more secure and more convenient through its complex product development. We do not only produce documents, bar codes and printed transactional mail; we provide secure personal identification, innovative product identification and data logistics in large quantities.

Document and product protection

Our company is one of the largest identification document producers in Hungary. The highest certifications guaranty the secure production of our products.


With the experience of producing more than 500 million cards, we produce IDs and payment cards domestically and internationally. In addition to contact and contactless e-IDs, contactless cards and  EMV bank cards, we also offer access and city card solutions.


We provide transactional mailing service for banks, insurance companies and public utilities in Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria. We are capable of printing specialised forms such as lottery tickets and election ballots.


NFC technology is capable of using mobile phones as bank cards, loyalty cards, and even transports cards. As a member of the Hungarian Mobile Wallet Association, we offer TSM services for Hungarian pilot projects.

Payment solutions

Instead of cash we propose a wide range of products and solutions such as bank cards, vouchers, postage stamps and mobile payment applications in Hungary and other countries of the Central European region.