Security fibres

Security fibres have been widely used for years to increase the security level of paper-based documents. ANY Security Printing Company produces polyamide and viscose-based security fibres in various sizes and different colours. The selection we offer includes coloured and colourless, fluorescent and non-fluorescent fibres in different lengths and with different Dtex number. These can be made of either polyamide or viscose. In general, we recommend using two or more different fibres within a document and of course we are at our customers’ disposal to develop combinations that suit their needs.

Security shiny dots

Security shiny dots are highly luminescent, invisible particles. The particles are carefully classified according to size and then are transferred to the paper during its manufacturing. These dots may have different fluorescent colours (e.g. blue, green, red). The use of material significantly enhances the security level of the document. Since not only luminescent materials can be incorporated in the particles, additional hidden elements can be applied in the security paper. The application of this security feature offers many advantages compared to traditional fluorescent paper additives.

  • during production, it is easier to achieve a uniform distribution of the particles

  • better adhesion between the paper fibres and the particles

  • due to the much smaller dimensions, there is no printing problem with the particles close to the paper surfaces

  • the application does not interfere with the visible and luminescent security features of the document

  • attractive ‘starry sky’ appearance

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