June 13 – Hungarian Inventors’ Day

In Hungary, Inventors’ Day is celebrated every year on June 13 in memory of Albert Szent-Györgyi, who registered his patent for vitamin C in 1941. He is one of the 16 Hungarian inventors who have [...]

2021 June 11|

ANY is Business Superbrand Award winner

ANY Security Printing Company has won the Business Superbrands award, based on the decision of the committee of leading professionals. The award was first presented in 1995 in the United Kingdom to recognise the most [...]

2021 June 3|

World Migratory Bird Day

In 1899, the Danish Hans C. Mortensen invented bird ringing, a unique method of marking birds to obtain information about, among other things, their migratory routes. Hungary became the third country in the world, to [...]

2021 May 14|

World Book and Copyright Day – April 23

Those who have been searching for something on the Internet these days may have noticed a strange logo replacement graphic last Wednesday. The search giant’s special logo paid tribute to Johannes Gutenberg, the inventor of [...]

2021 April 23|

Earth Day – April 22

We over-consume, over-expand and overwhelm the wildlife of our environment. Our way of life, our daily decisions affect how much we live on the foods of our planet. Did you know that people’s diet is [...]

2021 April 22|
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