Portable control devices and solutions

Documents, security labels, tax stamps and excise stamps are most often checked in the field, thus the inspection device portfolio of ANY is focused on mobile, handheld tools. It is an important requirement that, in addition to the security features, the personalisation information can be checked as well. By encoding the data on the documents, they are printed on the label in the form of a barcode or a data matrix. These data can be printed with inks that are visible or invisible to the naked eye. Personalisation can occur using UV or IR ink to prevent the falsification of highly protected information. Depending on the properties of the special inks and additives used for personalisation, our Printing Company offers various types of inspection devices and complex solutions.

The process of document verification

  • document security planning

  • security printing and personalisation

  • control, data reading

  • data analysis

Full-scope of services

Documents meeting the needs of a Customer are produced using a combination of traditional printing and document security printing technologies (offset, intaglio, screen printing).

In addition to traditional personalisation technologies, the Company uses security ink-jet and laser document printers to meet individual needs.

The control devices connected to the infrastructure enables reading the data through a secure, closed channel. These data can be analysed and evaluated later.

The Company can work out and operate an IT infrastructure tailored to the Customer’s needs to further analyse the data read by the document control devices..

Latest development: RadIR+ mini and ANYscan mobile application

RadIR+ mini control tool

ANY RADir + mini control tool is able to read barcodes and data matrices printed on the security label in infrared ink visible or invisible to the naked eye and forward these via Bluetooth connection. Main properties of the small wireless two-dimensional code reader:

  • suitable for reading 1D and 2D codes in batch or online Bluetooth mode

  • it has long battery life, online approx. 10 hours, the battery is replaceable

  • small, lightweight (93 grams), can be carried simply in a pocket or on strap

  • robust, it can withstand if dropped from a height of 1.5 m onto a hard surface

  • it has infrared illumination light source

Okmánybiztonsági ellenőrző eszközök

ANYscan mobile application

ANYScan white label mobile application that can be customised according to the needs of the customer. The mobile application receives the read label ID which is not visible to the naked eye or the camera of the mobile phone via Bluetooth directly from the ANY RAD IR Plus mini device. Using the application, users can:

  • get information about the label and product (lifecycle:data of time, status, geolocation, user)

  • give the actual positions of the label and the product using the phone’s location data

  • record the status of the label and the product, report damaged labels or products

VerifIR – Verification process through IR fluorescence

To identify the authenticity of the basic imprint of high security documents, the Company has developed VerifIR, which combines the simplicity of using a second-level safety device (e.g. fluorescent offset ink) with the security of a third (laboratory) level tool. The development of customer-specific ink control system is enabled by different colours that can be produced in large numbers. The ink to be delivered to a specific customer contains the security materials and all other components in strictly the same specific composition in each consignment. Our VerifIR device responds to these special security features. VerifIR will be configured so that it will give a positive response only when checking the inks used for the security documents printed for a specific customer.

TrueFace – offline image verification

In terms of falsification, the weakest link of the documents is usually the photo used for identification. In recent years, criminals have devised a number of methods to modify and manipulate images. TrueFace, ANY Security Printing Company’s photo security solution based on mathematical principles, offers a high level of protection not just for document producers, but declares a war against different photo-counterfeiting procedures as well. The protection against altering the photo is based on a rather simple idea, and thanks to a so-called digital print, a code sequence is generated from the portrait of the document owner before personalisation using a generating algorithm. When the document is personalised, this code sequence is printed on the card in a single step along with the other data in an encrypted form that is invisible to the naked eye. During the control, the information of the photo and the coded data can be compared and checked even in offline mode.

Handheld devices


As control potentials of mobile devices become compatible with desktop equipment, they can reckon on interest arising from the most varied user circles. The four types of HORUS equipment produced with different functions may be fixed on a belt as well. From among their characteristic features, we underline the 10X enlargement, UV lamps used for the control of mono-, bi- and tri-fluorescent inks and infrared diodes needed for the control of anti-Stokes influence. Security elements of the different documents can be effectively controlled in lands as well with the help of HORUS hand-held devices, and counterfeits can be easily filtered out.

RADIRRADIR is a battery-supplied handheld measuring instrument used for the detection of special marking material. The device measures and evaluates the light response of materials induced by infrared light. It is suitable to detect marking materials combined with different carriers, e.g.: paper, textile, plastic, solid or liquid ink, etc. The device has a given sensitivity, therefore the perceptibility or the perception distance is influenced by the volume of the marking material. At the proper concentration, the device can reliably detect the presence of marking material through permeable materials (e.g.: glass, transparent plastic, etc.) as well.

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