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For several years, the Document Security Laboratory of ANY Security Printing Company has been involved in the development and production of inks that are compatible with commercially available office printers, but contain special security markers. A big advantage of the printers using such types of inks is that the originality of the printed texts and the act of subsequent falsification in terms of textual content can be clearly demonstrated. It is recommended to use this product line primarily for creating documents filled in on-site, contracts, receipts, certificates, statements, and verifications, because, in the event of disputes, it makes it much easier for an expert to quickly and clearly identify the authenticity of official documents created in this way. The product combines the low price range of commercial printers and the security of special printers. We use the most advanced technology tools and processes to produce the inks allowing us to produce pigments belonging to the nanometre size range, the development of ink systems and their use in ink-jet and laser printers.

Areas of application and possibilities of utilisation

Ink-jet document printer

  • primarily for paper-based documents
  • it can be detected under UV light whether subsequent falsification has been made to personalised data
  • suitable for passports, documents, receipts, certificates, and verifications filled in on-site

Laser document printer

  • for decentralised personalisation of paper-like (e.g. Neobond) documents
  • lamination for data protection after personalisation
  • it is capable for personalisation by toner with visible and UV pigments

The original image of the print personalised by document printers can be identified under a UV lamp


The prints are easy to check using UV lights and special tools. All written texts remain visible, even if the visible colour of the text has been concealed or rewritten on paper. This product range partly includes tools that are commercially available, thus costing much less than that of other personalisation systems. We can deliver toners for different types of printers.

Security ink pad ink

We undertake to develop water-based, colourless and coloured unique security ink pad inks that can be applied on paper substrates and with colouring matter and pigments for hand stamps and self-inking stamps as well. If required, we can supply Trodat stamps with laser-engraved rubber plate as well.

Security ink pad inks and stamps are not sold to retail customers or below a specific annual quantity.


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