The stable and effective operation of the ANY Group is represented by growing sales revenue, EBITDA and net profit. Export sales revenue of ANY Group increased by HUF 1 billion (15%) in the first nine months of 2017, which provides 41% of total revenue.  

In the first nine months of 2017 the sales revenue of ANY Security Printing Company amounted to HUF 18.6 billion, which is 1% higher than in the same period of the previous year. With a 15% increase export sales revenue amounted to HUF 7.6 billion, which is 41% of ANY Group’s turnover. EBITDA increased by 3% and shows a HUF 61 million growth compared to the adjusted EBITDA in the first nine months of the previous year. Net profit amounted to HUF 852, by HUF 10 million higher compared to the previous year’s figures. EBITDA margin remained 12%.

„Based on the forecasts Security Printing Company is going to achieve new record revenue. Net sales revenue will be expectedly higher than HUF 25 billion. Sales growth is firstly due amongst others to the dynamically increasing export sales, which will be over the 40% strategic target this year. Stable operation of the Printing Company can be assured by actively using the information innovations and by further continuing the research and development activity in document security products in order to keep its market advantage.”  – commented on the Company Report Gábor Zsámboki, CEO of ANY Security Printing Company PLC.

ANY Security Printing Company PLC