State Printing House has obtained the certificate for High Security Printer. Securing this certificate – which is one of the highest degree certificates in the printing industry – forms part of developments implemented over the past years in order to increase security levels.

Following the procedures in September 2010 State Printing House Plc was officially awarded the CWA 14641, which is one of the most prestigious certificates in the security printing industry. According to the certificate issued by Intergraf (International Confederation for Printing and Allied Industries) our Printing House was qualified as a High Security Printer; the certificate of which is given only to printers who exclusively guarantee the highest security level. The so-called ’High Security Management System for Secure Printing’ certificate covers the design, product development and trade, as well as the services related to security printing forms. This includes the development, production of and trade in ID cards, driving licenses, cards and card documents, stamps, tax stamps, as well as the chip embedding and programming, and the electronic data archiving and database management.

Since 1998, State Printing House has spent about HUF 10 billion on investments and developments due to which – besides ISO standards (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001) strictly connected with the activities in the printing industry – it has the certificate NATO-AQAP 2110 which authorizes for designing activities as well as the MasterCard and VISA EMV accreditations for bankcard producers and personalizers. In addition, the CQM audit of MasterCard was closed successfully in the near past. Based on a very strict criteria system, this Card Quality Management program assessed the quality assurance of the Corporation to guarantee the security of card production. The high quality of chip cards, their use and reliability can be guaranteed by the obtention of this certificate.

’We intended to increase the physical, logistical and IT security and to introduce the new technologies by developments and investments over the past years. The Printing House is prepared to the greatest extent to produce documents, chip bankcards meeting the highest security requirements, we developed some unique solutions by our own document security R&D activity which can guarantee the further growth of the Corporation in the next years.’ – said Gábor Zsámboki, CEO of State Printing House.

State Printing House Plc

CWA 14641 High Security Printer certificate