Several products of State Printing House Plc. were appreciated on the Pro Typographia competition of the printing industry.�

This year the Pro Typographia awards ceremony was a special event. The celebration was held at the Óbuda University where the professionals of the printing industry celebrated that its higher education started 40 years ago.

The Residence Permit document card, which is issued by the Office of Immigration and Nationality and produced by State Printing House picked up a gold medal from the category of “security printed products (security forms and securities)” by the prestigious professional jury. The contactless chip card is one of the most modern Hungarian documents.�

Several other products of State Printing House Plc. won prizes as well:

  • The new “Tax stamp” family was awarded with “excellent qualification” and the special “For Technical Novelty” prize of the Federation of Hungarian Printers and Paper Makers. This product line proved with innovative solutions and application of unified security graphics and special UV and IR inks.
  • The following were also awarded with “excellent qualification”:
  • FHB “MasterCard Gold Golden Stone Road” card,
  • MKB Bank “Visa Business Gold Buda Castle; Visa Business Gold Buda Castle; MasterCard Business Silver Buda Castle” bank card product line
  • “Easter 2012” stamp “Red-footed Falcon” stamp and commemorative stamp of Raoul Wallenberg that were issued by Magyar Posta and printed in four colours by State Printing House Plc.�

Gábor Zsámboki, Chief Executive Officer of State Printing House commented”

“Nowadays production of quality products is not enough, we have to be good at informatics that is required for their use as well. The Residence Permit contains a contactless chip, which does not only suit the national requirements, but conforms to the modern e-ID requirements accepted in Europe as well.

State Printing House Plc.