8th of March 2022. Net sales of ANY Security Printing Company in 2021 amounted to HUF 40.7 billion, of which exports will represent HUF 14.3 billion. Earnings per share of HUF 251 is also a significant result. The Board of Directors proposes a dividend of HUF 163 per share to the General Meeting.

Operations in 2020 were hit by the epidemic throughout the year, reflected in the lower base period figures. The net sales of ANY PLC for 2021 amounted to HUF 40.7 billion, which is higher by HUF 13.2 billion (48%) than in the same period last year. It is worth comparing this figure with 2019, the year before the epidemic, to get a true picture of the growth. In two years, turnover has increased by 19% in HUF and by 6.7% in EUR.

Changes in case of strategic product segments were as follows: sales of security products, solutions were HUF 10.6 billion, which is HUF 3.6 billion (52%) higher than in 2020; printing, personalisation, data processing were HUF 10.9 billion, which is HUF 0.5 billion (5%) higher than the figure in the basis period; sales of card production, personalisation were HUF 16.2 billion, which is HUF 8.3 billion (105%) higher than in the same period last year. Ratio of strategic product segments in total net sales was 93% in 2021.

Export sales amounted to HUF 14.3 billion in 2021, which is HUF 2.6 billion higher than the base figure, representing 35% export sales ratio. The sale of the Bulgarian subsidiary generated an extraordinary profit of HUF 499 million in the third quarter. Consolidated EBITDA is HUF 6,664 million, an increase of HUF 3,668 million compared to the base period. Consolidated operating income is HUF 4,952 million, which is HUF 3,434 million higher than the profit of the base period. Consolidated net income after interest income, taxation and non-controlling interest is HUF 3,607 million, which shows an increase of HUF 2,822 million.

I am proud of the ANY Team that after a very difficult year in 2020, we managed to compensate the backlog caused by the epidemic and achieve dynamic growth in 2021. Behind this extraordinary performance are the excellent colleagues of the Company and of its subsidiaries.
The main factors behind the growth are: the return of document orders cancelled due to the epidemic, the production of immunity certificates, high value-added export projects as a result of serious preparations and the sale of a 50% stake in our Bulgarian subsidiary.
At the end of last year, our majority-owned subsidiary, Zipper Services acquired Atlas, further strengthening our market position in Romania in the field of printing and personalisation. We have realized significant technological improvements and capacity expansion at the Kner Printing House in Gyomaendrőd and in Budapest, which guarantees to meet the growing market demands with the best possible quality.
The steps taken will help the Printing Company achieve its long-term strategic goals, ensuring even more efficient operations.” – added Gábor Zsámboki, CEO of ANY Security Printing Company.