How to apply for a document?

Personally in a Client Service Centre

  1. The applicant is identified with the person’s ID card, driving licence, passport, birth certificate, etc.
  2. The application form has to be filled-in.
  3. The original documents have to be scanned and attached to the application form.
  4. The applicant’s biometric data (photograph, iris, fingerprints, signature) have to be enrolled and stored in a database.
  5. All collected demographic and biometric data are checked by national authorities.
  6. If all the necessary verifications are successful and approved, the application is accepted and the administrative fee has to be paid (if it is not paid in advance).
  7. The applicant leaves the office and the document issuance process is started.
Dokumentum igénylés folyamata
Igénylési folyamat indítása interneten keresztül

Optionally the applicant can start the process via internet
(with a desktop computer, a notebook or a mobile device)

  1. The applicant navigates to the Online Application Platform website.
  2. The applicant registers as a user with username and password, and also fills in the necessary personal data. In case of previous registration, the applicant simply enters the application.
  3. The application form has to be filled in and the copies of documents have to be attached by the applicant.
  4. In the background pre-verification can be executed.
  5. Administrative fee can be paid online via several payment possibilities (e.g. credit card, mobile payments, etc.)
  6. The applicant can arrange an appointment to a Client Service Centre to continue the application process.

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