Net profit increased by 43% in parallel with a 26% growth of the sales. Export increased by 2.1 billion HUF in ANY Security Printing Company.

Sales of ANY Security Printing Company amounted to 22.7 billion HUF in 2014, which increased by 26% compared to 2013. This increase was provided by the strategic product groups. In addition to a 39% increase of the export, it also provided for the sales amounted to 7.6 billion HUF, which is one-third of the turnover of ANY group. Profitability of the company continued to improve, EBITDA improved by 41%, and net profit amounted to 1017 million HUF that represents a 43% growth. Earnings per share were 71 HUF.

„The Printing Company has successfully closed the previous year, since sales from all our product groups have grown in parallel with the dynamic increase of the export. Success of our products in the export markets also indicates that our portfolio is compatible not only in the Central and Eastern European region but in many African countries. The efficient production and the series of IT and document security developments play a major role in the success of our products and services. Since the stable operation of the Company allows, the Board therefore recommends to the General Meeting the payment of a dividend of 71 HUF.” – commented Gábor Zsámboki, Chief Executive Officer of ANY Security Printing Company PLC.

ANY Security Printing Company PLC
former State Printing Company PLC