ANY Security Printing Company PLC reached net sales higher by 8% and consolidated net income higher by 25% in Q1 2013. Growth in sales of strategic product lines and the cost effective measures improve the results as expected.

Net sales of ANY PLC for Q1 2013 amounted to HUF 4.4 billion which is higher by 8% than in the first quarter of the previous year. Growth in sales was due to the improvement in strategic product lines: security products, production and personalisation of cards and form production. Export sales exceeded HUF 1.2 billion, which is 26% of the total net sales of Q1. The Company’s profitability improved as well, EBITDA increased by 5%, operating income by 18%, whilst net income amounted to HUF 192 million, which shows a 25% raise compared to the similar period of last year.

”Our financial indicators improved unambiguously, so we can tell to our shareholders, we closed a successful quarter. Export sales performed well and the interest in high value added bank cards also rose. Our developments that serve best our customers and the security of bank card or different security document holders finally seem to yield.

According to the Board of Directors the current share price of ANY PLC is much lower than the fair value of the Company and does not even reflect the growth opportunities. Therefore ANY PLC will do its best to increase share price by purchasing treasury shares in the future in order to create additional shareholder value.” – commented Gábor Zsámboki, CEO of ANY Security Printing Company PLC.

ANY Security Printing Company PLC