mobile identity platform

Our solution combines mobile identity with physical products, enabling documents besides being physically produced on paper or card, to be available and authenticated on mobile devices as well.

Key characteristics, benefits

  • easy to use

  • quick to implement

  • ability to present multiple documents at the same time

  • highly secure, forgery proof, unchangeable

  • offline control with authentication result in the control device – ANYtime, ANYwhere

  • sustainable alternative to traditional documents

  • under intellectual protection all over the world


Customisable DOCUMENT CHECKER and
person authenticator application

Our latest development simplifies the verification of a document or the authentication of a person based on biometric, personal or document data. Identification based on biometric data (even without physical document).

Main advantages

  • low cost and easy implementation

  • all-in-one, intuitive application

  • connectable to both national and international databases

  • complex background system for secure operation

  • multiple authentication possibilities

  • customization for individual needs

  • offline operation

The customisable document checker and person identification application can be a great tool in the hands of various authorities, which may include border control officers, law enforcement officials or even government agency administrators.

Border Control

The application can be easily deployed during a passport renewal or border control system installation project. Airport staff can easily identify people without using fixed terminals, resulting in faster passport control and easier random security checks.

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement and rapid response team officers can be easily equipped with this type of application. It enables them to check identity documents even in areas without an active internet connection. It also provides the possibility to compare the citizens’ portrait with up-to-date criminal records.

Governmental Offices

Applying for a new document or proving one’s identity may become much easier with this state-of-the-art software solution: for example, citizens with lost or stolen ID cards can identify themselves without having to carry a separate document, by scanning their portrait photo or fingerprint.


Unique VLQR code with hidden information

  • special 2D barcode with multiple security levels

  • hidden information authenticable only by entitled personnel besides publicly accessible data

  • details stored inside this code can be linked with various security elements on a document