State Printing House Plc (hereinafter: Corporation) hereby meets the extraordinary disclosure requirements on its own behalf and on behalf of EG Capital S.A., Dr. Ákos Erdős, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Dr. Istvánné Gömöri, Deputy Chairman of Supervisory Board pursuant to section 61 § (1) and section 61 § (3), section 201/B-C. § and section 55 § (3) of Act CXX of 2011 on Capital Markets as well as to items 2.1. and 2.6. of Annex 4 of the 24/2008. (VIII.15.) Regulation of the Hungarian Ministry of Finance:

EG Capital S.A. who has 25.87% voting right as a shareholder of State Printing House Plc has announced the foundation of BE-LU S.á.r.I. Company owned by Dr. Istvánné Gömöri in order to modify the portfolio, where 3.74% (536,703 pieces) of shares attached voting right have been transferred to. The direct influence of EG Capital S.A. and the indirect influence of Dr. Ákos Erdős have become 22.13% (3.177,507 shares) due to this transaction. The indirect influence of Dr. Istvánné Gömöri has not changed.

Dr. Ákos Erdős and Dr. Istvánné Gömöri have concluded a shareholder agreement based on item 100 of section 5 § (1) as well as on section 65/A. § (1) of Act CXX of 2001 on Capital Markets and they will act in a concerted manner.

State Printing House Plc.