On behalf of its own and by the assignment of Dr. Ákos Erdős, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Dr. Istvánné Gömöri, Deputy Chairwoman of the Supervisory Board, State Printing House (Company) hereby announces the following pursuant to section 201/B-C, to section 67 and section 19 of annex 6. of act CXX of 2001 on capital markets: EG Capital SA (5, Boulevard de la Foire, L-1528, Luxembourg; registration number: B 109281) owned by Dr. Ákos Erdős (85.55%) and Dr. Istvánné Gömöri (14.45%) purchased 40,000 registered common shares, series “A” with a nominal value of HUF 980 each on 21st December, 2006 at an average price of HUF 6,150 per share by resorting Concorde Értékpapír Zrt., as investment services provider.

Following the transaction EG Capital SA has 252,947 (18.11%) registered common shares of State Printing House Plc., and as a result of the above transaction the indirect control of Dr. Ákos Erdős has increased to 18.11%, while the indirect control of Dr. Istvánné Gömöri has increased to 2.62%.

The oral agreement concluded by and among EG Capital SA and Royalton Investors Three Limited regarding coordinated behavior ceased as at 20th December 2006.

State Printing House Plc.