State Printing House Plc (registered office: 1102 Budapest, Halom utca 5., company registration number: 01-10-042030) decided in accordance with Resolution No. 11/2007.(03.30) of the Company’s Annual General Meeting of 30 March 2007 and Resolution No. 3/2007 (08.15) of the Board of Directors and pursuant to the applicable provisions of act CXX of 2001 on capital markets that the 9,475 Series “B” (HU0000078506) and the 73,470 Series „C” (HU0000079843) registered, physical employee shares granting preferential rights to dividends with a par value of HUF 980 each issued by State Printing House Plc would be converted into dematerialized shares.

Considering the fact that the quantity of issued shares were not submitted up to 100% and in accordance with the possibilities ensured by act CXX of 2001 on capital markets, the Board of Directors of State Printing House Plc has modified the date of conversion with its Resolution No. 2/2007 (11.14) as follows:

‘Closing date of conversion: 14 January 2008.
Date of conversion: 15 January 2008, the business day following the last day allowed for the submission of shares.
The dematerialised shares replacing those shares that have not been validly submitted will be sold by the Company with the help of an investment service provider as a selling agent in six months (by 15 July 2008), shareholders will be informed about the details in the announcement about the closing of the conversion.’

In other questions, the terms stated in the pervious announcement of 31 August 2007 are applicable with unaltered content.

Should you have any queries concerning dematerialization, please contact Mr Tamás Karakó controlling director, IR contact at +36-1-431-1228.

State Printing House Plc.