Sales revenue and net income of ANY Security Printing Company increased by 5% in 2017. EPS amounted to HUF 79. The Board of Directors of the Company decided to propose to the AGM total net income to be paid as dividend.

Sales revenue of ANY Group amounted to HUF 26.2 billion in 2017 increased by 5%, compared to previous year. Export sales revenue was HUF 11.1 billion with an increase of 21%, which is 42% export ratio compared to total ANY Group sales. EBITDA increased by 1%, it was HUF 24 million higher than the adjusted income of the previous year. EBITDA margin is still 12%. EPS is HUF 79.

“In 2017 we arrived to a new milestone. Sales revenue of ANY Security Printing Group exceeded USD 100 million. We were able to reach growth in an international market, where the most up-to-date IT solutions have to be combined with innovative document security elements for offering competitive products. The market acknowledges our developments, therefore the Printing Company’s export sales increases year by year; in 2017 it amounted to USD 44 million. The Board of Directors appreciated the Company’s economic situation and decided again, similar to previous years that the total net income can be paid as dividend, therefore it proposes to the AGM payment of HUF 79 dividend per share.” – commented Gábor Zsámboki, CEO of ANY Security Printing Company PLC.