Gartner, which is one of the most famous research company, year by year evaluates technologies affecting the markets. 2000 technologies were investigated in 2014, which might change the progress of development nearly in 119 fields. Naturally, we as an innovative company, also follow the evaluation, monitoring the megatrends that may change the world according to Gartner. It is interesting and typical, how the profession hypes a technology then downgrades it referring to users’ disinterest, and thereafter it is included again in the product portfolios, often due to the influence of the market followers. One thing is certain: there are very few trends on which Gartner pays no attention, and there are quite a lot of those that break in or disappear from the market at a quicker or slower rate as predicted in the assessment.

Gartner may be right about many things, but for a company like us who deal with innovative security product it is required to prepare own hype cycle to know what will affect our market in the short and medium term.

At least as many novelties appeared in the field of personal and product identification, as in the field of mobile phones. Since who has not heard about the chip documents, that can be used by you in mobiles in the future, or about the chip driving license that is verified by the policeman stopping you in the city using a tablet, while comparing your fingerprint to the data stored in the chip. Along with all of the above, security elements of basic print i.e. the hologram visible to the naked eye, special colors appearing under the UV and IR light and micro printing seem to be old-fashioned.

However, if we need to set up an order who trusts in what the most, our many experienced eyes and touch would have a good chance to compete for the first places in identifying the originality of a security document or money. Due to the fact that the originality of a print can be identified using mobile, portable devices that are nowadays considered to be basically inexpensive, it seems to be an especially attractive solution for the clients. In spite of that, or rather because of it, more and more people believe in the digital identification.

It also presents a basis to us as security companies, since we need to mix the technologies by which we will be able to gain the trust of all citizens. Therefore we spend a lot of money to and deal a lot with the UV security inks, fibers, additives that can be inlaid in the basic print. And even with those that also in the UV light offer an effective verification of the information visible to the naked eye, personalized by security printers. In addition to the above, the identification technologies and applications communicating on contactless chip are also continuously tracked and successfully used by us in some products. Our aim is to offer the most complete solution currently too. Because as of 2016 the electronic ID card will be introduced in Hungary as well.

And what will be the future? You will find below our own ANYsecurity hype cycle, which of course, may also be the subject of a professional debate. Your opinions are kindly appreciated.