10th of March 2023. The net sales of ANY Security Printing Company PLC amounted to HUF 43.2 billion in 2022, exports continued to grow, with HUF 16.1 billion coming from foreign markets. Earnings per share are HUF 156. The Board of Directors of the Company also decided to propose to the Annual General Meeting to pay the total result as dividend.

ANY Security Printing Company’s net sales for 2022 were HUF 43.2 billion, HUF 2.5 billion higher than the turnover of the same period of the previous year. The value of exports was HUF 16.1 billion, which is HUF 1.8 billion, 13% higher than last year. Consolidated EBITDA was HUF 5.6 billion, 15% lower than in 2021. Consolidated profit before tax is HUF 2.2 billion.

With a turnover of HUF 43.2 billion, we exceeded our previous year’s figures, but our net result was also affected by the energy situation. The last quarter was even more affected by rising costs; in addition to extremely high energy prices, the difficulties in the raw materials market continue to impact the Company’s operations.
In 2023, we see our growth secured by further strengthening our export activities, continuing our development and portfolio expansion at Group level. The employees of our subsidiaries in Gyoma and Romania are contributing to our development with outstanding performance, not only in the domestic environment but also in international markets.” – added Gábor Zsámboki, CEO of ANY Security Printing Company PLC, to the 2022 annual report.