ANY Security Printing Company PLC (former State Printing House Plc) received the honorable MagyarBrands prize this year again.

The MagyarBrands program has already for four years awarded this prize to the Hungary-related brands that worthily represent the Hungarian enterprises within our country and beyond our country’s borders as well. The award of the prize is attributed to the fact, that the Corporation received several professional recognitions last year. A number of colleagues were awarded the Hess András prize and several security products produced by the Printing Company were awarded with prestigious prizes on the Pro Typographia competition. In addition, the special stamp block produced by the Printing Company was awarded with the challenge cup for ‘The Most Beautiful Stamp of The Year’, and the Corporation became ‘the Green Printing Company of The Year’ in 2012 again.

Gábor Zsámboki, Chief Executive Officer of ANY Security Printing Company PLC commented:

Besides the numerous recognitions and international certifications we are especially proud of this prize because it takes into account almost all efforts of the company. This prize appreciates the business brand, i.e. ANY Security Printing Company, which, during its activities, provides the products used in everyday life to people on the possible highest security level, whether they are business forms, personal ID cards, bank cards or mobile payment.’ 

ANY Security Printing Company PLC
(former State Printing House Plc)