8th of March 2024 – ANY Security Printing Company’s net revenue for the year 2023 reached HUF 55.5 billion. This represents an increase of HUF 12.3 billion, or 28% compared to the previous year.

Revenue from the sales of security products increased by 90%, with a significant portion of this coming from export markets. Export revenue rose to HUF 30.3 billion, representing a 55% export ratio. In the 173-year history of the Printing Company the annual value of exports exceeded domestic revenue for the first time. The engines of the HUF 14.2 billion increase in exports include the Angolan project, passports delivered to the Asian and African continents, and paper-based security documents. The consolidated EBITDA amounted to HUF 8.775 billion with an operating result of HUF 6.402 billion. Earnings per share were HUF 298.

The year 2023 was outstanding for the Printing Company, especially in terms of export activity. Our projects not only strengthen our market position, but also contribute to strengthening global security. Thanks to the increased demand for passports, we continue the capacity expansion investments at the Printing Company. Automation and efficient production require continuous technological developments. In market research and production optimization, as well as meeting high quality standards, artificial intelligence is gaining more ground. Our results, financial stability, and further successes are guaranteed by our unwavering commitment to innovation and development. Taking into account the financing needs for the development necessary to maintain growth, the Board of Directors proposes a dividend payment of HUF 250 per share to the General Meeting.” – added Gábor Zsámboki, CEO of ANY Security Printing Company PLC, to the 2023 report.