We are pleased to write about the one-week camp, which was organised by the Nyomdászokért Alapítvány (Foundation for Printing Workers) non-profit organisation, in which many of our volunteers participate. This year the children of 17 families, whose members work in the printing industry, had the chance to go on a holiday to Balatonföldvár.

This summer is extraordinary. Special attention had to be paid on the right hygiene, on the education of children and to comply with the rules of conduct. However, the Lake Balaton, the experiences, and the wonderful environment was as perfect as always, everyone could forget the long closure of the last period.

The accommodation with its own shallow water beach, playground, trampoline, excellent kitchen and its nice buffet offered a suitable and safe place to stay. Thank for the teachers, these seven days was fulfilled with exciting programmes too. Already during the train trip to Balatonföldvár friendships were made, which were followed by life-long experiences such as hiking, swimming and bathing in the lake, games and the entertainment programmes, which, fortunately, couldn’t be distracted by bad weather. For many of these children, this was the first time to see “Hungarian sea”.

The Board of Trustees and the Chairman of the foundation would like to thank the support of the companies and individuals, without their help this camp couldn’t have been organised.

There were several children from the families of ANY too. Their feedback was unanimously positive, one of them wrote us her experiences:

For me, Lake Balaton is the Riviera!

I am Lara Nagy, I am 10 years old and this was my first time to participate in a camp by the side of the Lake Balaton. I was already excited on the train to see the Lake for the first time in my life. A wonderful picture unfolded as we arrived to Balatonföldvár. After occupying our rooms, the six days of our camp has started. Our teachers drew up very good programmes. We hiked a lot, we did some handicrafts, visited the Visitor Center of Shipping History of Balaton and Look-out Tower, and also went to take a ride with snow donuts and with bobs on the bob court. We took long walks, ate ice-creams, swam in the Balaton and I also learned how to play billiard. In the evenings, we went to the port to admire the sunset. The food was delicious, we were never hungry. I said goodbye to the Balaton on the last day with a heavy heart and a lot of life-long memories, I will never forget this camp holiday.

Best wishes: Lara

We hope to report about the children’s camp by the Lake Balaton next year too, which is a decades-long tradition of the Nyomdászokért Alapítvány organisation.