ANY Security Printing Group achieved again excellent results at the Best Print Hungary professional competition of the Hungarian Association of Printing and Paper Industry. This time, due to the pandemic, in an unusual way, the best products of two years were awarded at the ceremony held within the PPDExpo event on 25 May 2022. The category prizes, the special prizes of the jury, of the Foundation for Printed Communication and of the Hungarian Technical Association of the Paper and Printing Industry, as well as the grand prizes for graphic design, printing and finishing were awarded.

We are proud to announce that ANY Security Printing Company has been awarded Gold and Bronze in the “Security Printing” category. The awards were granted for the Romanian Hall stamp block produced for the Hungarian Post, for the 150th Anniversary of Hungarian-Japanese Diplomacy stamp block and for the exceptional Vanuatu passport.

The renovated Romanian Hall of the Museum of Fine Arts has been captured on occasional stamp blocks, giving an overview of the 900 square metre hall. Graphic artist György Kara designed the block and 70 000 perforated and 4 000 cut stamps were produced. The other winner is the Japanese and Hungarian Posts’ stamp set of 10-10 stamps issued in 35 000 copies to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Hungary and Japan. Two of the stamps on the block are joint issues and were designed by YAMADA Yasuko. The two Post Offices themselves designed the other eight stamps with the same theme, the Hungarian ones were created by Ágnes Berta. Thanks to ANY’s developments, Vanuatu is the first country to have colourful graphics on the cover of a fully ICAO-compliant travel document. The passport contains far more anti-counterfeiting security features than the previous one, with the optical brightener-free unique watermarked security paper used as the base material for its pages, which contain security fibres and particles produced by ANY.

The products of our largest Hungarian subsidiary, Gyomai Kner Printing Company, also won many awards at Wednesday’s ceremony. They won Gold, Silver and Bronze awards in four categories, the 140 Years of Kner Printing Company calendar series received the PNYME Special Award, and they were awarded the Finishing Grand Prix as well for the book Cezanne to Malevich.

Huge congratulations and thanks to all colleagues who contributed with their work and support to the production of the awarded products and thus to the further professional success of our Group!