Net sales of ANY PLC for Q1-Q2 2013 is higher by 3%, net income increased by 23%.

Consolidated net sales of ANY PLC for Q1-Q2 2013 amounted to HUF 8.8 billion which is higher by HUF 0.2 billion (3%) than in the same period of previous year. Increase was mainly caused by rising sales of card production and personalisation. Export sales of the Company exceeded HUF 2.3 billion in Q1-Q2 2013, which is a part of 26% of the total net income. The profitability of the company improved further: EBITDA increased by 2%, operating profit by 8%, consolidated net income after interest income, taxation and non-controlling interest was HUF 418 million, which showed an increase of 23% compared to the corresponding previous period.

’Our financial indicators improved further in this half of the year. The domestic and regional markets are increasingly buying our value-added products, so the focus of our strategy is still to develop them. More document security and IT developments of ours have reached test phase, so in the near future we can start product launch as well. I believe, that the company’s organic growth comes from our developments, so we can continue to increase our market share on both our domestic and foreign markets, maximizing shareholder value this way.’ – commented Gábor Zsámboki, CEO of ANY Security Printing Company PLC.

ANY Security Printing Company PLC

formerly State Printing Company Plc.