In our previous blog post, we presented some interesting innovations and developments from the world of biometric passports. Today we are coming with the most extraordinary, or we could say, the coolest passports.

One of the most unique passports of the world is the Finnish passport introduced in August 2012, in which a running moose can be seen when flipping its pages. It is interesting, that this graphic image actually intended to be a security element was undetected by the public until the appearance of a YouTube video, and since then, however, the whole world admires it.

The new Norwegian passport with its minimalist style has the similar popularity: the northern lights can be seen on its inner pages under UV light. Maybe, these pages are too beautiful to deface them with ugly stamps and visa permits.

 Norwegian_passport Photo:

The latest version of the Canadian e-passport has been released since July 2013. In addition to the various security elements, graphics that can only be seen under UV-A light are the most spectacular ones, printed on the inside pages showing the Canadian history.


The Philippine passports will be renewed as of January 2016: not only their durability will be increased but they will have a new look. The Philippine eagle and the wings of the extremely endangered Philippine cockatoo living on the Philippine Islands will be seen behind the cover pages, the next pages will have the words of the National Anthem and their Constitution, and the visa pages will feature many attractions of the Philippine Islands. The number of security elements used on the new passport will be soon increased by forgery-proof microchip and latent coded images.

philippine_passport Photo:

For people often using their passport may be worth to buy a passport holder cover case in order to protect their travel documents from the eventual damages. On the internet, everyone can buy a case matching his/her own style, from the “Hello Kitty” type to the well-designed “bike” type.