ANY Security Printing Company has already been cooperating with Palmares Technologies R&D for 14 years. Our Printing Company has further developed this business cooperation; the development of a manifold partnership has already started. This activity, through security printing products and solutions in the area of Benin and Ivory Coast, provides help in developing the state and public administration processes of the surrounding countries, as well as in catching up with the international standards.

The exemplary activity of Palmares has had a good reputation in the region; its business development stands out from the similar companies in the African continent. Due to the outstanding work of Giresse TELLA, Owner-Manager, a considerable progress has been made in the field of the relationship between Hungary and Ivory Coast, as well as in economic, cultural and sport areas. Giresse TELLA, as the honorary consul of Hungary, maintains close relationship with the representatives of the Hungarian diplomacy too.

In recognition of both the results of the dynamically developing partnership and the continuous growth, ANY Security Printing Company PLC awarded the GOLD PARTNER title – the title of honorable agent-general – to Palmares Technologies R&D Company.