According to the decision of the Board of Directors of State Printing Company, Registry Court changed the name of State Printing Company PLC to ANY Security Printing Company PLC with effect from 1st of February, 2013.

State Printing Company was founded in 1851 in Timisoara. After the Company’s privatisation 20 years ago, it started to develop dynamically and now it is a leading security printing company of Hungary and the region. The company name has become inseparable from security, quality and innovation not only in the domestic, but also in the international market. Relying upon international security qualifications, our colleagues’ proficiency and references the company stands fast not only in the domestic market, but in the competition for orders from foreign governments as well. There has always been state ownership to a lesser or a greater degree among owners of the company, but it has stayed permanently under 5% for the last 20 years. Therefore according to the relating legal provisions, the Board of Directors decided to change the company’s name.

The 162-year-old company – maintaining its activity- operates as ANY Security Printing Company PLC from 1st of February, 2013. The company’s short name is ANY PLC; the ticker symbol does not change. The company’s address and headquarter are also unchanged, its presence on the Internet is the same as its colleagues’ e-mail identifier,

“State Printing Company name is one of the oldest company names in Hungary. We are proud of that we could raise the reputation of a company in Hungary and all over the world, which produced stamps among the first ones in the world and received numerous international and domestic recognitions for its jobs. However, we know that we are accountable not only to our history but our shareholders as well. Therefore we keep on working with renewed strength under our new company name in order to meet the requirements of the domestic and international markets even better and more efficiently. Besides traditional security printing we will focus in coming developments even more on secure handling of cards, data and transactions.” – commented Gábor Zsámboki, the Company’s CEO.


ANY Security Printing Company PLC

former State Printing Company PLC