The Hess András prize, one of the most prestigious professional recognitions in Hungary, was awarded to Miklós Jármai, the Head of Prepress Department of ANY Security Printing Company PLC by the Federation of Hungarian Printers and Paper Makers in 2014.

One of the most prestigious recognitions in the printing industry was awarded to Miklós Jármai, Head of Prepress Department of ANY Security Printing Company. The Hess András prize is a result of his conscientious and outstanding professional performance. His job can be described by the high-level typographic exacting in the Company’s security printing products and the outstanding professional preparedness of the department that is led by him. Uniqueness of the Company’s products is a challenge for the prepress staff; high professional skills are essential for the colleagues and their leader as well. They must unite the basic requirements of the profession, the security requirements, the economic criteria and precision.

Miklós Jármai’s typographical skills, concinnity, artistry and his professional humility warrant the products’ quality. Prizes won on prestigious competitions and the Company’s image are the results of his devotional performance.


We cordially congratulate and wish him further successful years.

Management and Colleagues of ANY Security Printing PLC