When Jonny Bauer, the member of the management team of the American agency Droga5 gave a presentation at a Hungarian conference in 2011, the participants already knew that a worldwide march was started by an agency knowing much more about people than the traditional multinational agencies.

pumaJonny, who is now the strategist of one of the most creative and efficient agencies according to the most famous professional magazines as well, projected the film presenting the PUMA’s campaign made in 2010 and the audience applauded at the end. The story was simple, strong and worked: „What to do if there is a football round on Valentine’s Day?” It is worth to watch the video below in which the agency presents both the campaign and its results. https://youtu.be/SaKlP5TgvFE

This happened still in 2010 and since then every major company wants to have such a campaign and the agency founded by David Droga has reached the top. What do they know that the others do not? They bare the message and highlight the strongest arguments. And it works, as it is demonstrated by the figures of the campaign as well as by the further works of the agency. That is to say, if the consumers receive too much and conventional information they do not want to or cannot make a decision any longer. Consequently, when starting any communication project the message should be very simple.

When you are making the decision how to increase the loyalty of your company’s clients, you need to consider what is valuable for the target groups. Marketing specialist have to face a larger dilemma here, as the target groups have become so heterogeneous, that they can no longer be described by the old features (age, address, status). It is much easier to focus on the customer circles having the similar needs and start the segmentation in it. This is already a pretty big task, since young people are easily accessible on mobiles and on the Internet, while the senior age-group can be accessible by traditional methods. Therefore, and nevertheless, innovative printing companies have good chances in the market, because the new and old technologies have to be combined.

ANY Security Printing Company has now become almost unique in the market through its capability of providing products and services either on paper, plastic or mobile for a loyalty program. It increases not only the efficiency of a campaign but the client receives an extremely high data security almost at the same price. Since the sensible personal data of the campaign are managed by the company performing the personalization of the Hungarian documents. Security requirements and activities of the company are controlled by several international and domestic organizations. Therefore both the Hungarian state administration and a number of commercial firms can be sure that personalization of the loyalty cards, sending out of mobile coupons, or mailing of the paper-based vouchers equipped with QR code are implemented under the highest possible security conditions.

Everything-from-one-hand solution provides the efficiency; references and certifications guarantee the reliability.

Loyalty on paper, plastic, mobile – here in Hungary