Every year on 16th of September, we celebrate International Identity Day. It reminds us about the important role that identity plays in enabling people to exercise their rights and responsibilities fairly and equitably in a modern society.

The date refers to an important point in the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Framework document, point 16.9. In it, it was recognised that a serious problem hampering world development is that many people still do not have proper, formal, legal documentation of their identity. Thus, the goal is that by 2030, everyone should have either a paper or card-based identity document, including birth certificates – as this will be the basis for producing all official documents.

These aspirations and the measures to be taken to achieve them have been the subject of almost every professional conference on document security for years. This will also be the case at the Identity Week conference and exhibition in London on 22-23 September, where we will be introducing our latest document security solutions at booth 294.