ANY Group achieved 14% export sales revenue increase in the first quarter. EBITDA and operating income grew further.

Sales revenue of ANY Group amounted to HUF 5.6 billion in the first three month of 2017, which increased by 1% compared to previous year’s first quarter. Export sales revenue was HUF 2.4 billion with an increase of 14%, which is 43% export ratio compared to total ANY Group sales. EBITDA adjusted with last year’s one-off item in connection with real estate purchase is 7% higher, while operating income is 3% higher compared to the achievement of last year’s similar period. EBITDA margin is 12%.

“Due to our export activity further growth has been achieved in this quarter as well. Export sales revenue amounting to 43% of total net sales contributed significantly to the increasing EBITDA, therefore our intensive export activity is going on with our competitive solutions on foreign markets. We are committed to generate the half of the Group sales from foreign markets in mid-term in order to secure further growth potential, to which we have a good chance based on our results and on market feedback.” – commented Gábor Zsámboki, CEO of ANY Security Printing Company PLC.