Numerous counterfeited tickets are being sold to the Depeche Mode concert to be held on 21st May in Puskás Ferenc Stadium – warns the organiser Livenation in its announcement. According to their notice, the tickets are extremely similar to the original ones, the difference is undefinable by naked eyes. Each ticket will be checked electronically by its barcode; entrance into the stadium will be possible only with original, valid, unspent tickets.” – Source:

The question may come up, whether really those entered the stadium who bought the original tickets or the owners of the fraud tickets can watch the concert because they arrived earlier and stiffed the barcode reader.

Despite the recent modern technologies everything can be easily counterfeited; fancy goods or cheaper products as well. Let’s just think about the recent past news; security stickers on Tigáz meters and Budapest transport tickets were counterfeited in quite huge numbers, but there were also news about how fake Erzsébet vouchers were printed.

According to a slogan, “one always has to be one step ahead of the forgers”, but sometimes we feel that exactly the opposite of this phrase is true. Nevertheless the modern, developed technologies exist and can be reached on the side of protection as well, but it is good to know how they can be applied efficiently.

Not only perfect copies are made, but products can be cloned electronically as well, that’s why complex solutions, meaning a combination of visual security elements (with ones that are invisible to the naked eye) and the electronic protection. Apparent security elements – such as hologram and serial number – can be seen by the user, but even control of electronic data can be solved with wide-spread smart phones; data coded into QR codes can be read in a second and the originality of the product can be checked in offline or online systems. The third security element that cannot be read by naked eyes neither in coded format, it can be checked with special reader devices by issuers or accepters.

There are efficient document security methods, quick and convenient complex solutions. Experts of our document security laboratory work on having the edge over forgers, as we can protect our Clients’ values this way.


Gábor Zsámboki