Net sales of ANY Security Printing Company PLC is higher by 8%, of which export grew by 31%, net income increased by 27% compared to the similar period of last year.

Consolidated net sales of ANY PLC for Q1-Q3 2013 amounted to HUF 13.6 billion which is higher by 8% than in the same period of previous year. Increase was mainly caused by rising sales of strategic products, security solutions, production and personalisation of cards and printed forms. In compliance with our strategic targets our sales on external markets grew. Export sales of the Company amounted to HUF 4.1 billion, which is a part of 30% of the total net income and an increase by 31%. The profitability of the company improved further: EBITDA increased by 11%, operating profit by 26%, consolidated net income after interest income, taxation and non-controlling interest was HUF 567 million, which showed an increase of 27% compared to the corresponding previous period.

’Our advancing results on domestic and foreign markets were ensured by our document security developments and our capacity expanding investments. For continuation of our stable growth in the future, further developments are necessary but a strict cost management is also needed. Therefore we carry out our document security and mobile developments according to the market needs, hereby efficient allocation of sources is ensured that may have positive effect on the Company’s profitability as well.’ – commented Gábor Zsámboki, CEO of ANY Security Printing Company PLC.


ANY Security Printing Company PLC

formerly State Printing Company Plc.