The Board of Directors of ANY Security Printing Company PLC on the Board Meeting, which was held today, made its decisions regarding the resolutions of the General Meeting, according to the Government Regulation 102/2020 (IV.10.) entered into force on 10th April, 2020 in connection with the Coronavirus Epidemic (COVID-19).

The Board of Directors based on its legislative authorisation approved the report of the Company on the financial statements of the Company for the financial year 2019, including consolidated net sales of HUF 34.1 billion and profit of HUF 1.273287 billion, submitted to the General Meeting in accordance with the Accounting Act. It means HUF 89 earnings per share. It was noted that the economic uncertainties caused by the Coronavirus epidemic will affect the Printing Company as well. Domestic orders fell noticeably, and this was only partially compensated by exports that increased in some areas. In the spirit of the requirements of prudential management, it was decided to place the profit after tax for 2019 in the profit reserve. In this extraordinary situation, this is in the interest of the Company, shareholders, and employees. The Board of Directors emphasizes in this announcement as well, that if the outlook improves and the Company’s management allows, an extraordinary dividend will be proposed during the year.

The Board of Directors noted Dr. János Stumpf’s resignation from his post in the Supervisory Board. The Board of Directors appreciated and expressed its thanks for Dr. János Stumpf’s work in the Supervisory Board. Today Prof. Dr. István Stumpf became a member of the Supervisory Board again.