30th of December 2021 – ANY Security Printing Company PLC informs the investors that on the 28th of December 2021 it has signed a contract for the supply of printed products and services necessary for the 2022 parliamentary elections.

The National Election Office signed a contract with ANY Security Printing Company PLC for printing and transport jobs regarding parliamentary elections of 2022, the national referendum, which may be held on the same day and midterm elections of 2022-2023. Net value of the contract is HUF 1.88 billion.

ANY Security Printing Company PLC has several decades of experience, both in the production of election forms and in the management of special security and logistical objectives related thereto. Production and transport of forms that are equipped with special security elements against forgery to domestic electoral districts, to diplomatic representations, and to postal voters are ensured by ANY. Providing other printing services and supplies needed for the election is also the task of the Company.