ANY Security Printing Company Public Limited Company by Shares (hereinafter: the Company) meeting the rules set in 24/2008 (15th August) Decree of the Minister of Finance Annex 4. paragraph 1.29, hereby publishes the changes of the registered Auditor of the Company.

The AGM of ANY Security Printing Company Plc. held on 6th April 2017, being very thankful to Deloitte Audit Ltd, elected Ernst & Young Audit Ltd. (Registered seat: H-1132 Budapest, Váci út 20., registration number: 01-09-267553, Chamber of Auditors’ registration number: 001165) as Auditor for the period 1st May 2017 – 30th April 2020, represented by Zsuzsanna Bartha as head of audit engagement (address: H-5900 Orosháza, Rákóczi út 25., mother’s name: Ilona Németh, Chamber of Auditors’ registration number: MKVK 005268), and represented by Péter Mészáros as deputy head of audit engagement (address: H-1222 Budapest, Kötélgyártó utca 4., mother’s name: Klára Fleck, Chamber of Auditors’ registration number: MKVK 005805).

Based on the EU Regulation 537/2014/EU paragraph 17 section 1, a compulsory rotation of the Auditor has to be applied every ten years in case of companies listed on the stock exchange.