The National Election Office signed a framework contract with ANY Security Printing Company for printing and transport jobs regarding parliamentary, European Parliamentary elections, election of local municipal government representatives and election of the local government of the national and ethnic minorities. The subcontractor of ANY Security Printing Company is the Hungarian Banknote Printing Company. Net value of the contract is HUF 2.3 billion. 

ANY Security Printing Company PLC has several decades’ experience, both in the production of election forms and in the management of special security and logistical objectives related thereto. The Company (former State Printing Company) has fulfilled this honourable and highly responsible duty not only for the last quarter of the century but earlier as well. The activities of the Company are granted by the highest international qualifications and its references include printing of election forms of other countries as well. 

Production and transport of forms that are equipped with special security elements against forgery to domestic electoral districts and diplomatic representations are ensured by ANY. Other printing services needed for election is also the task of the Printing Company. Legal environment of elections and the system of domestic elections have been fully renewed that generate numerous new tasks. Among others these are supply of materials for voting by mail; production of information notices and voting patterns with Braille for visually impaired voters. 

“Times of deliveries are extremely strict but our earlier experiences and professional skill of our workers ensure perfect fulfilment of the prominently important contract of the next period.” –stated Gábor Zsámboki, CEO of ANY Security Printing Company.  

ANY Security Printing Company PLC

former State Printing Company PLC