Net sales of ANY Security Printing Company PLC increased by 17% in 2018. EPS amounted to HUF 79. The Board of Directors of the Company decided to propose to the AGM total net income to be paid as dividend.

Net sales of ANY PLC for 2018 amounted to HUF 30.5 billion which is by 17% higher than in the previous year, of which export amounted to HUF 11.1 billion. EBITDA is HUF 3 billion, net profit is HUF 1.14 billion, therefore EPS is HUF 79.

A successful year has been closed by ANY. Not only domestic but also export sales significantly contributed to its dynamic growth. Every third forint comes from foreign markets, where ratio of security products and document cards are gaining more and more importance. Personnel expenses grew by HUF 548 million in order to keep our highly educated employees. Net income of year 2018 was decreased by a provision, which was accounted at the end of the year; without this one-off item net profit would have been increased by 7% compared to previous year. The new production hall, which is being built and in which we will install new capacities, will significantly contribute to maintain this healthy growth in the future.” – commented Gábor Zsámboki, CEO of ANY Security Printing Company PLC.