Since the launch of our blog we have made no secret of our purpose to cover news in which NFC technology is in connection with Állami Nyomda. The fact that Állami Nyomda tests NFC applications with Telenor, one of the largest telecommunications companies was well received by the press in the last few days.

The common project continues with system testing in a live environment with the assistance of the professionals of Mobile Development Business that was set up last year. The security infrastructure and the required mobile applications used in the NFC-based mobile payment service will be ensured by the Nyomda. During the test phase, participants will use the solution capable of replacing bank cards and various loyalty cards in a live environment.

Állami Nyomda has always focused on developments. The Mobile Development Business was set up as a result of a thoroughly considered decision that follows market demands. The Company’s aim is to stand its ground in the domestic and international markets as an application and TSM service provider.

Not so long time ago, everyone used cash for payments and only a few of us thought that the plastic card, which was quite new will be wide-spread means of payment. Állami Nyomda established its card production and personalisation centre ahead of market demands. Today it is the same with mobile payment having only the difference that we can be sure that the simple, comfortable and secure mobile applications will capture the market.