Hess András prize, which is one of the most prestigious professional recognitions in Hungary was awarded to Ms Ágnes Konkolics-Lukács, the Head of Quality Management and Environment Protection of ANY Security Printing Company PLC by the Federation of Hungarian Printers and Paper Makers in 2013.

Ágnes Konkolics-Lukács has been being our colleague since 1998; she operates the integrated quality management and the environmentally aware management systems of ANY Security Printing Company PLC professionally. Parallel to growing volumes of production, following of changes in regulations, organisations and technologies, continual development of management systems, regular renewal of our qualifications are quite a challenge.

The Company has obligation to fulfil its commitment at audits 10-11 times yearly towards renewal of our qualifications; Ágnes has an outstanding role in it as well. Thanks to her generous and environmentally aware performance our Company was awarded the “Green Printing Company of the Year” twice in the past years.

Many young employees obtain self-reliant routine from her, she kindly transfers her experiences for the sake of the quality job and popularisation of printing industry.

We cordially congratulate and wish her further successful years.

Management and Colleagues of ANY Security Printing PLC