ANYpay Payment Solutions Private Company Limited by Shares – a company 100% owned by Specimen co. ltd., which is a subsidiary of ANY Security Printing Company PLC – has been registered today with a share capital of HUF 50 million.

In support of long-term expansion of ANY Group, it plans to participate in payment processes ensured by paper-, card and mobile-based products and it evolves its organisational conditions with the new company.

The Company’s portfolio includes numerous products, such as luncheon vouchers, postal payment orders and bank cards assisting in everyday payments securely. The Printing Company plans not only to produce simple paper-, card- and mobile-based products for payment methods in the future, but to offer innovative solutions in order to make payment procedures more comfortable and secure. The company foundation is an important step of this process evolving its organisational conditions; hereby the organisational and legal conditions will be evolved. – commented Gábor Zsámboki, CEO of ANY Security Printing Company PLC.