The World Population Day is celebrated on the 11th of July, since 1989. The event was created by the United Nations to raise awareness of the extremely growing population. According to their estimates, today’s population of 7,7 billion of people – despite the slowing trend – will rise to 9,7 billion in 2050.

To have an identity card, a passport or an extract from the Register of Births is fundamental to us. Why the fact, that 14% of the population does not have any identification document causes problem in everyday life? We cannot even imagine, but these „invisible people” are not included in any official register, so they cannot receive any social benefits. They are excluded from education, from medical care, they do not even have a voting right. Half of this 1,1 million people lives in Central and South Africa. The question is how could we fight against overpopulation in default of adequate education and healthcare?

The world leaders have also recognized the importance of this subject, so they have set the goal: until 2030 every single person has to have a legal identification document.

We would like to offer solutions to this problem: with our wide range of personal identification products, their development, and among others by offering the infrastructure, the IT and biometric data processing systems related with them, we can help the appropriate governmental bodies to implement their ideas.

Thanks for this initiative, only in Africa more than 250 million people received their paper-based security document that was created by us. Although, the road is still long, but we must act today, together. There should not be any baby born as “invisible” in the future, so they can legally exercise all their civil rights.