To be honest, we live together with counterfeits not only for the last time. Of course we do not perk up our head when we hear about falsified Nike or Adidas shoes. We are smiling when news are about counterfeit iPhone6 or iWatch. But the fact that a whole product range of IKEA stores are also falsified is really no nothing! Nevertheless, we are seriously concerned hearing about counterfeits of inflammable building materials.

Not only quality, branded products are forged, counterfeited mobile applications have also appeared. Their names are quite similar to the original, popular products but they relentlessly collect our personal data.

We have already told and heard several times, that protection of our products and personal data is important not only because of loss of income or a spam letter. Counterfeiters attack our most important values, our products, our brands. This might lead to loss of truthfulness. In the age of internet, cracked reputation gets about very quickly. In such cases as a company we must react quickly and calm down the market and convince personally the user of the trustworthiness of the brand. But we must take actions for this all!


Make only perfect products as the Client trusts in it!

These are eternal verities but in case the product is not quickly distinguishable from the forged, it is not a real brand, so no wonder, if not too much is paid for it in the future.


Give the Client a guideline right before shopping!

It is very important to be able to decide even in seconds, whether the product is forged or not. We can trust in more things. One of them is the place, where the product is sold. Let’s see, we cannot always know where will be our products sold. The other thing is a label, which supports numerous possibilities. Really good label producers (like ANY Security Printing Company) have such experiences that they are able to offer self-adhesive security labels for almost all materials. No fear, the solution for labelling metal, wood, carpet or other special material exists.


Track-and-trace your products electronically as well!

By using mobile phones and applied cameras we can ask even the end-user to check the product before buying it. The QR code printed on the security label linked with the production database can provide further information about the product, how the forgery can be recognized.


Let’s make perfect products, mark and check them!

Plenty of security materials, security inks, papers are available. They are efficient only if the security elements are checked as well. Costs of these materials are negligible in comparison to the caused damage and here are our users, who might help in searching for counterfeits. They will help us as the members of the community that is loyal to our brand will share our products on social sites and they enrich the user-experience of our product.

The experts of ANY Security Printing Company have experienced that the more security elements are applied for protection of products and the wider the products are checked, the higher is the retentiveness of forgeries. Counterfeiters simply shake the dust from their feet if they know that the security label is very hard to be counterfeited that can be verified by almost anyone using a mobile phone or a handheld verification device.

Here is a good example, how information on documents can be also protected:

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