The article published on the website of Business Insider, dealing with the interrelation between creativity and innovation, is a bit superficial but insightful. It is an old article, but the problem is still current. The author’s conclusion is schematic, but well understandable: organizations need to be creative. The management has to manage creative ideas within an innovation process so that they can be profitable for both the company and the clients. Creativity is the entrance ticket, but innovation pays the bill.

Since our everyday life is also affected by creativity, it cannot be left out from the effects of any of the business processes. Other management characteristics such as risk assumption and failure tolerance can be learnt but mostly regulated and controlled by processes. Cost optimization is also an innovative process facilitating management decision-making how to provide most effectively the best products/services to the Client (i.e. to find the best solution which the Client is willing to pay for).

kreativitasHow does creativity fit in this process? Creativity supports the release, flow and development of ideas. Our today’s world is changing every two seconds, so what else subjective remains in the business? What can make us or our business different? It can only be what is very quickly perceptible: this is nothing else but the impact of creativity, in case of either a product or a process. Today it is called User Experience. It precedes everything, since we know that the first meeting will determine all the others.